Dhammazedi, King

   (r. 1472-1492)
   Son-in-law of Queen Shinsawbu (r. 1453-1472), and her successor as ruler of Hanthawaddy (modern Pegu [Bago]). One of Burma's most prominent Mon kings, he originally was a member of the Sangha, who aided Shinsawbu in her flight from Ava (Inwa). While king, he gained a reputation for just rule and religious devotion, donating gold for gilding the stupa of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda, sponsoring the compilation of one of the major Mon Dhammathats or law codes, and presiding over a reform of the Mon Sangha, which was brought in line with the severe disciplines of Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) Buddhism. In 1485, he commissioned the engraving of stone tablets, known as the Kyaik Lagun inscriptions, which are kept at the Shwe Dagon. They give the legendary account of the founding of the pagoda and valuable details on the monarchs of the Mon dynasty established by Wareru in the late 13th century. Other inscriptions attributed to him are found at the Kalyani Thein (ordination hall), near Pegu. According to legend, Dhammazedi was skilled in the use of "runes" (magical letters) and alchemy.
   See also Razadarit.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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